Marco Marzuoli, 2011

soundscape taken from:
Tabula Rasa by How To Cure Our Soul (track II)
Out Soon for Setola Di Maiale Records

Sometimes they come back again and finally we provide them the right space. But it just lasts for a while, since we are distracted by our current time. They are the “voices from the inside”, recalling the title of a well-known comedy written by Eduardo De Filippo, the ones that we hear but we don’t let them flow to the outside world. They are a safe and silent refuge that recreates new settings and unexpected atmospheres. Semetimes they are just a shelter, that like a movie, is “such stuff as dreams are made on”. Then we come into a dimension without present, where every moving is just for its own sake, becoming an endless metamorphosis. On the one hand, the following metaphysical criterion is valid: being separated from the experience of life; on the other hand, material evidence is so immediate and meaningful that it is unique and extreme at the same time. Every single moment, flowing one into the other thus shaping the succession of landscapes in our inner memory, is situated one after the other, in a direct sequence without moments of transition. Their connection is not accidental. Everything is possible, only when the category of possibility is not opposed to the one of reality. Possibility and reality are on the same level, they are the same. Everything seems to be more livable and imminent. The research made by Marco Marzuoli with his video-musical installation invites us in listening to our “voices from the inside”, making us turn into tabulae rasae.

Domenico Spinosa

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