Title: Scheletro
Year: 2020
Label: SCHELETRO ‎– SCH 01
Format: File, FLAC, MP3, Album, Stereo

01 – Scheletro (51.29)

Country: IT
Releas Date: Nov 24, 2020

Scheletro: italian word for Skeleton.
An internal or external framework of bones, cartilage, or other rigid materials, supporting or containing the body of an animal or plant.

As in a skeleton the work consists in a group of basic elements composed in a rigid essential structure. If the music underlines the internal skeleton (endoskeleton), created by tape drones of freezed acustic instruments (violin, mandol, bass guitar), the video side focuses on the display of the exoskeleton, where the physical support of the photographic analogue images (a group of developped blank 35mm films), as an outer protective cartilage layer, represents the external framework.
The interactions between internal and external (each drone is associated to an image), in their slow processes of fading, aime to represent a solid natural phenomenon in the slow course of its mutability, where the biological perception of time, collides with that much more frenetic and fast of the audience in his daily life. The perception (and sensitivity) of the audience, in relation with the work, it therefore arises as the caducous and delicate element supported by the skeletal structure. The work reflects on the passage of time, on its perception and mutability, in the relationship between human beings and the phisycal nature of the art, creating an organic process of impulse and reaction between artwork and spectator (similar to climate change and our psychological perception of it).

MUSIC: Scheletro is the third solo album of Marco Marzuoli: a long, organic and radical drone meditation recorded live from two walkman cassette players.

VIDEO: It concerns a series of blank developped (and digitalized) analogue photos in fading, free from images, with the only intent to trigger the mechanism of the visual arts even only with the gesture to decide to make an artwork.
The aesthetical results appear as a minimalist practice and visual work.

A/V INSTALLATION: Scheletro has to be installed as an audiovisual diptych (setted up in according with the space) composed by two 16:9 Full HD monitors (framed as they were photographic artworks) or two video projections (16:9 Full HD).
Each video is connected to a stereo PA system. The two systems have to be played in loop (starting the second station around 14′ after the first one).
This combination of loops will generate an endless and generative dialogue between the two elements, creating, in their entirety, always new visual and musical harmonies.

PHOTO SERIES: The work is also composed of a photographic exhibition side, concerning a series of developed and digitalized 35mm blank films, printed on paper (60cm x 40cm) and framed (editions of 5).

Taken with:
Olympus Mju II – Compact Film Camera
Kodak Ultramax 400iso – 35mm Film
Kodak Color Plus 200iso – 35mm Film
Kodak Ektar 100iso – 35mm Film
Kodak GC 400iso (expired) – 35mm Film
Fujifilm Pro 400H 400iso – 35mm Film
Unknown Cheap Roll 200ios (expired) – 35mm Film
Agfa Vista Plus 400iso – 35mm Film
Kodak GC 400iso – 35mm Film

Recorded between Città Sant’Angelo (Pescara – Italy, 2017) and Firenze (2019).
Marco Marzuoli: mandolin, violin, bass guitar, tapes, effects.